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Own production for all BMW models

BMW is a German company that produces premium cars and motorcycles. Its headquarters is located in Munich, and the story begins in 1917, when Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto founded their own plant for the production of Bayerische Motoren Werke aircraft engines - BMW. In order to expand the company in 1928, the company acquires the car factories in Eisenach. In the same year, she buys a license to manufacture fuel-efficient Dixi cars. In the 70s, BMW's design department developed a digital engine, and in 1980 it introduced ABS for the first time. Since 1988, the production of the first German roadster equipped with a 12-cylinder engine begins. Today the company produces high-quality solid cars that are popular not only in their homeland, but also around the world. Today the machines of this concern have become a symbol of German quality and reliability.

When buying such modern cars, you should immediately take care of the comfort and stylish design of accessories in the cabin. First of all, protect the seats from dirt, mechanical damage and moisture using car seat covers from Seat covers - ORIGINAL™ company. We have a large selection of products for almost the entire model range of the brand. If you do not find your car in the list, you can order individual tailoring with your measurements in our production, where imported equipment is used, only high-quality raw materials from trusted suppliers are offered and a guarantee of a perfect fit on the seats.

We accept applications on the website, by e-mail and in social networks. Delivery of orders is carried out by transport companies to all world, by post and courier services. We make the installation for an additional fee (be sure to discuss it with the managers in advance). From the operator, you can find out in detail about our promotions, payment methods and much more.