What are frame seat covers?


Frame covers are an alternative to seat upholstery, and they are called covers by definition, because installed over the factory upholstery.

The center of the seat on the covers has a metal frame along the inner perimeter, which is attracted by special threads to the car seat

in the same places where the factory fastenings. Frame covers are installed over upholstery. The original upholstery is not damaged

and remains like new when the covers are removed.

Is the price on the site indicated for covers for all car seats or just for one? 


Prices on our website are for 1 full set of covers. It includes covers for the front seats, rear seats, head restraints and also for the rear seats.

Will the airbag deploy?


Often our clients ask a question regarding the operation of the airbags after the seat covers are installed. And this is understandable - the issue of safety is important, both for the driver and for the passengers of any vehicle. The covers will not interfere with the operation of the airbags in an emergency.

What colors of eco-leather are there?


We can offer a sufficient number of colors. Each client can choose according to his taste - less soiled or in the tone of the interior trim: black, red, blue, beige, brown, etc. More practical dark tones. The choice of color can be made when ordering.

Is it possible to purchase not a complete set of covers, but a separate item?  


You can purchase individual cover elements. In this case, you need to clearly understand which element you need to sew, for which car,

what configuration and from what material. For example, we can make covers only for the front seats or only for the driver's armrest. 

Is there a warranty for the products? 


Yes, the guarantee for sewing from 2 years, regardless of the class of the product.

Service life:  Premium 3+ years, Lux 3+ years, Exclusive 5+ years. 

How to care for car seat covers? 


Our seat covers are made from modern materials that do not require special care.

They can be cleaned with a damp cloth. You can also use wet wipes.

You should only avoid various chemicals, for example, chlorine bleach.

I have heated seats. Wouldn't that be a problem?


The heating will work, there will be no problems.

The heating system is not disturbed in any way, and the eco-leather layer does not create obstacles to heating.

How to install the covers yourself?


We have created a special instruction that is included in each kit. In this material, the masters explain the sequence of the process in detail and in an accessible manner, which is important to strictly follow so that the final result is of high quality and does not have to waste time on rework. For those who are not confident in themselves, do not have the time and desire, we offer a service for installing covers from our masters. They will do it quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the price of the service is loyal and affordable. 

How to make an order ?


To make an order - you need to go to the "Catalog" page - select the make and model of the car.

To get acquainted with the classes of products and the description of the material, then decide on the color of the product and the design.

Click on the "Make an order" button. Please fill in all ordering information carefully. After receiving the order, the manager will contact you to clarify the details.

If my car is not in your catalog, can I place an order?


You can contact our manager and find out if your car is in development or not.

High quality production

Seat covers we sell are of high quality that we keep under special control and give guarantee up to 5 years.​ In addition to guarantee, we also provide after-sales service. We can sew and reinstall any part of your car covers set separately.

The cost of this service will be cheaper. For example, you can replace the driver’s seat part before selling the car if it is in poor condition or return the seats to their original outward appearance.

Seat Covers - ORIGINAL

We bring to your attention unique and innovative car seat covers. Many car enthusiasts are already convinced that original car seat covers are the best solution for those who want to keep their car interior clean and add originality to its appearance.