Installation of  seat covers

Installation of car seat covers manufactured by Seat Covers ORIGINAL™ is a fairly simple operation and can be done by hand. The main condition that must be observed when installing eco-leather covers is the mandatory dismantling of the seats. Failure to comply with this condition will certainly lead to problems that impede the quality of the operation. It is also recommended to disconnect the terminal of the car battery. You can get more detailed information by looking at the installation instructions, which are included in each kit, which show all the stages of work. Our masters can install auto covers on your car. They can go to your address, or you can come and install car covers in our installation centers.

The qualified installation of car seat covers from our masters is:

Guaranteed quality, attractive appearance, ease of travel for the driver and passengers. Depending on the car model, the time for a full range of works is from 4 to 12 hours. The presence of the customer is required only at the first and final stage of work, when direct access to the car salon is required.  As a result of this operation, you will receive: new beautiful and practical salon; significant savings in money, since the passenger compartment hauling, an alternative to which we offer, costs several times more; all your acquaintances will be sure that you have made the top quality interior upholstery in an expensive atelier.

When installing covers for new cars, we do not allow interference in the design of components and assemblies that are covered by the factory warranty for the car.

Price of Installation:

99 eur for 3 seater cars ( installation up to 6 hours )

170 eur for 5 seater cars ( installation up to 10 hours )

239 eur for 7,8,9  seater cars ( installation up to 14 hours)

Seat covers correspond to all modern technologies, are practical, have a unique style and installing seat covers is not an easy task.  If you use the service of a professional installer, then this issue is resolved. Watching the professional install the covers, it becomes clear to you that you made the right choice. This opinion was formed when polling the majority of buyers. This service, as a rule, is in demand by people who simply do not have free time, or they always trust the work only to professionals to be sure of a quality result.