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Own production for all cars

We specialize in sewing of the frame seat covers.This combination of words that most fully characterizes the product that we produce. Original covers can be called not only in the sense of their attractive appearance, but also because the structure of the covers fully corresponds to the factory (original) upholstery. When developing patterns for sewing our covers, we take the original interior and completely copy its design, preserving all the original factory detailing.

Seat covers ORIGINAL will not only solve all the issues of protecting the seats of your car, but at the same time radically improve the look of its interior! New generation seat covers with unique frame fastening technology. The sewn-in metal frame allows you to perfectly and securely fix the cover on the seat.

Feel yourself like a designer! We will make any element according to your individual order, the design will depend only on our capabilities and your imagination. You can choose any combination of materials offered by us, any type of decorative stitching, thread color.We will ship your order anywhere around the world. You can choose any of the payment and delivery methods we offer that are most preferable for you.

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Exclusive leather


Martindale test 500 000

  • set for 9 seats - 999€  1 799€​

  • set for 8 seats - 899€  1 599€​

  • set for 7 seats - 799€  1 399€​

  • set for 6 seats - 719€  1 199€​

  • set for 5 seats - 599€  999€​

  • set for 3 seats - 349€  599€

  • set for 2 seats - 299€  399€

  • set for 1 seat - 199€​

Additional services at your request (for one place):

  • Other colors + 20% off the red price

  • Covers for headrests - FREE

  • Cover for rear armrest - FREE

  • Original pattern - FREE

  • Cover for front armrest - 20 eur

  • Strip design - 9 eur

  • Rhombus design - 20 eur

  • Arch design - 15 eur

  • Honeycomb design - 45 eur

  • Individual design - individual calculation

  • Professional installation for 1/2 seats - 79 eur

  • Professional installation for 3 seats - 99 eur

  • Professional installation for 5/6 seats - 170 eur

  • Professional installation for 7/8/9 seats - 239 eur


For the production of seat covers ORIGINAL, we use high-quality and proven materials specially designed for car interiors, such as: automotive leather, eco-leather, alcantara. Leather Dakota is a modern material that is comparable in performance to natural leather. By all characteristics, as well as texture, eco-leather is as close as possible to natural leather, and even surpasses in some. Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, artificial leather does not allow water to pass through, does not emit harmful substances. It is a fairly strong and durable material. 

High quality production

Seat covers we sell are of high quality that we keep under special control and give guarantee up to 5 years.​ In addition to guarantee, we also provide after-sales service. We can sew and reinstall any part of your car covers set separately. The cost of this service will be cheaper. 

Seat covers - ORIGINAL

We bring to your attention unique and innovative car seat covers. Many car enthusiasts are already convinced that original car seat covers are the best solution for those who want to keep their car interior clean and add originality to its appearance.