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Company ORIGINAL™  provides an opportunity to create an exclusive interior design of your car. All cars are produced with interior upholstery, but not every car owner likes its quality and appearance. In most cases, when ordering a car, the choice of interior is not so great, and, as a rule, consists of 2-3 different upholstery options. Therefore, each car model has one or more standard upholstery designs and the standard quality of the material from which it is made. the interior of such a car quickly loses its individuality and is no longer different from thousands of others, it is common. And the quality of the material and the performance itself often leaves much to be desired.​

Seat covers ORIGINAL

Seat covers ORIGINAL™ with frames are not ordinary covers, but in a way like express leather interior. Seat covers are sewn using the same sophisticated technology as leather car seat upholstery. The sewn-in metal frame allows the cover to be attached to the seats perfectly and securely. The reinforced metal frame makes it possible to repeat all the recesses and reliefs of the seats.

Price from 199 eur


Customized design of each "ORIGINAL" product combines comfort, luxury and uniqueness. Variety of colors and materials used, stitching and personal logos is aimed at achieving complete unity in the interior, creating an atmosphere of completeness and perfection of the car interior.

Price from 63 eur


We have been engaged in custom shop production of premium class  mats, using the best materials on the market, which with confidence allows us to give a 5 year warranty on all our products.

Price from 149 eur


Padding of armrests and accessories

The armrest is one of the most vulnerable parts of the cabin, which is constantly under load. As a result, the upholstery material gradually fades, scratches and scuffs appear on it. In this case, a rational solution would be the hauling of the armrest. We will quickly and efficiently produce upholstery for the armrest and accessories

Price from 19 eur

doors ORIGINAL.png

Production of door cards

Door cards- This is not an unimportant element of any car. And often in an effort to transform the interior of our car, we forget about door cards. Although it is quite an important, functional and, most importantly, well-marked element of the interior.


Price from 49 eur